Les Entrées en 2002

Samedi 28 dec 2002
So What Issue 9:3 (metclub official magazine), from San Rafael, USA (with stamp of the Deutsche Post...)

Mardi 24 dec 2002
The coffin (Official box), from Hochberg, Germany

Samedi 21 dec 2002
Fan can #2 (Metclub box), from Erlangen, Germany

Mardi 17 dec 2002
One, single CD, UK 1989, from Dronrijp, Netherlands

Vendredi 06 dec 2002
Donington 95, bootleg, from Castagnède, France (64)
Roaming in Italy'92, bootleg, from Castagnède, France (64)
Birmingham's nec'92, bootleg, from Castagnède, France (64)
Live in argentina'93, Part 1, bootleg, from Castagnède, France (64)
Live in argentina'93, Part 2 , bootleg, from Castagnède, France (64)

Lundi 02 dec 2002
Fan can #1 (Metclub box), from London, Great Britain
The four sandmen, (original bootleg Cd), from London, Great Britain

Mardi 26 nov 2002
Nothing else matters (promo), from Groningen, Netherlands
The unforgiven (promo), from Groningen, Netherlands
Mama said (promo), from Groningen, Netherlands
Wherever I may roam (japan, with OBI), from Groningen, Netherlands
One (single re-issue of 1993, cardboard sleeve), from Groningen, Netherlands

Jeudi 21 nov 2002
Metclub premium membership package, from San Rafael, CA, USA

Jeudi 14 nov 2002
MCM spécial Metallica 2002 (video), French TV

Jeudi 31 oct 2002
Poor touring me (promo CD), from Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Reload rehearsal requested (original bootleg), from Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

Vendredi 25 oct 2002

Lundi 21 oct 2002
"One : Skull & coffin" (unofficial box), from Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

Jeudi 10 oct 2002
S&M "Hong Kong version" (original bootleg), from Ahlen, Germany

Mercredi 09 oct 2002
Nothing else matters S&M (promo), from Groningen, Netherlands
Enter Sandman (promo), from Groningen, Netherlands
Garage days re-revisited (official version), from Groningen, Netherlands
Harvester of sorrow (Cd single), from Groningen, Netherlands

Mardi 08 oct 2002
Fan Can #4 (Metclub box), From Chicago, ILL, USA