Avril 2003

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Mercredi 30Avril 2003

LES HORSEMEN tourneront le clip de St-Anger la semaine prochaine... Le Single ne devrait, quant à lui, pas sortir avant l'album. Et dire qu'on se faisait déjà une joie de découvrir un titre en "avant première"...

Encore un article élogieux issu du magazine Danois"Jubii Rock" :
"Heavyjam.dk visit Metallica at their San Francisco studio. First of all to conclude that the new songs from St. Anger are GOD DAMN HEAVY!
San Rafael, California: - After having visited Metallica at their studios concerning their three latest non-S&M albums ("Load", "ReLoad" and "Garage, Inc.") it was with immense excitement that I headed for the band's new studio 20 minutes' drive outside San Francisco to listen to fire og the eleven new songs from the upcoming and long-awaited "St. Anger" album. That is to say, five songs in their unfinished rough mix versions which have later been added some guitars.
I was placed in a nice and soft chair in front of the mixing system right between the tornado speakers, and now one had to keep my eyes and pen open. This is the first hand impression of the five songs which I heard once more at the same location a couple days later:
"Frantic" (5.54):
SHOCK, with an almost "Fight Fire With Fire" like intensity is the seance as well as the song kicked off. It's heavy as hell, and the associations spred from a rather raw version of Discharge (the legendary hardcore punk band which Metallica for example worshipped on "Garage Inc.") to great and complex breaks like the "Master Of Puppets" record! God damn. Intense vocals from James Hetfield, especially in the more melancholy refrain: "Keep on searching/This search goes on", which sounds a bit like a mix of "Until It Sleeps" and Alice In Chains. In one word: overwhelming.
"St. Anger" (7.24):
Next up is the title track, more than seven minutes long. A wildly thrashy start shifts over to more sweet, mellow James Hetfield-vocals. Again with a very robust and raw feel, where the breaks are thrown out their sleeves cuntinually. The gentlemen will fucking have to work on stage with this new shit! "I need to set my anger free," yells James - and I can promise you that he and the others do just that in this excellent song which is heavy-heavy and with a middle part that evenmade me think slightly of a little more vintage Megadeth!
"My World" (5.51):
Cool start by the rythm group, Lars and Bob Rock, and with a very rock'n'roll-ish feel to it. A groovy piece with a clean, raw guitar wall - no, rather: WALL!! Breaks, breaks, breaks... There is a particularly good break with a fucking heavy groove and really sweet, beautiful Hetfield harmonies. A bit quieter and more groovy than the two previous sticks of dynamite, but a heavy and cool song.
"Some Kind of Monster" (8.2:)
Raw garage sound again and with a heavy, grovy bridge. Also a very rock'n'roll-ish feel to this song, from time to time very speedy and punk-like, but still with countless breaks and details that underline the fact that Metallica's reinstated heavyness isn't just thrash for the sake of thrashing. It is really top tuned and very radical shit! Should probably also note the funny ending which almost resembles Meshuggah!!!!
"All WIthin My Hands" (8.45):
Last song in this pre-listening session is with a full "banger" start with a slightly tricky transition to the almost a bit jazzy (!) and Hetfield-singing and back again to the headbanging. Again, 1000 breaks. Very cool rythm in the base piece, and the ending offers almost demonic screaming from James ("Kill, kill, kill"), which makes you think of Tom Araya!!!!
That was the first hand experience of the five new songs, but take these words for what they're based on: Immediate intuition and associations. But my curiousity towards the finished album has been thoroughly sharpened, because Metallica have definitely returned to the pounding and monster metallic fold. According to Lars Ulrich, there are no "hit singles standing out" remaining among the final six songs which I didn't hread. Argh!"


Lundi 28 Avril 2003

Mauvaise nouvelle pour les malheureux quoi ne sont pas parvenus à s'octroyer les places parisiennes : La vente publique des places a été repoussée à fin Mai. Bon courage à tous et rendez-vous au plus acharnés le 11 Juin!

Autre mauvaise blague, ST Anger sortira le 11 Juin en France, comme au Japon...

Le MTV Icon sera diffusé en France aux dates suivantes :
1ere diff 10 juin à 21h10.
1ere rediff 19 juin à 17h10.
2e rediff 21 juin à 11h00.
3e rediff 22 juin à 14h00.

Source : Whippingdancerz

merci à creeping death du forum de whippingVoici un extrait d'ITW de Jason issu du Classic Rock Magazine :
"Isn't it true that the other three made your life hell when you first joined? They told the press that you were gay and billed all their hotel expenses to your room.

Yeah, the press picked up on that, but if you were to weigh up the positive and negative things, the way they encouraged me outweighs all those petty-assed things by 99 to one. It wasn't like a cakewalk - the music was hard to learn and I was under a lot of pressure in following Cliff - but there was way more good stuff than bad.

When did you feel accepted by Metallica's fans, and by the band?

Wow. It definitely took a couple of years for the fans, I think. I needed to go around the world to meet them face to face, shake their hands, and show them I wasn't fake. The band... I don't know. [chuckles] There were so many emotions following Cliff's passing. There are three or four stages of grieving but they probably didn't even start acceptance 'til I'd been there for five years. Metallica have a really dry, sarcastic humor and they do say 10 percent of sarcasm is truth. Suddenly I was the guy standing in that space; maybe it was their way of venting? They've all since admitted that and apologized for it.

You cited physical damage among your reasons for quitting Metallica.

The vertebrae in my neck and spine are cracked, after 15 years of windmilling. I was definitely an innovator - if there is such a thing as the art of headbanging - but now I'm paying for it.

How big an issue was the fact that Metallica had become so huge?

Well, the distractions bothered me a lot. It doesn't get any bigger than Metallica; all the little bitty things, meetings about the t-shirt in Bolivia. They're all married with kids. I have a girlfriend but I can still drop everything and make music at a second's notice. The other three people in Metallica can't say that. The first question Piggy asked me in the studio was where I kept my amplifier for bass distortion, and could we have a little more bass on that song? I've waited for 20 years to hear that.


Samedi 26 Avril 2003

Les places des concerts parisiens du 11 juin ont été mises en vente cette nuit (UNIQUEMENT pour les membres du Metclub US). Je vous annonce que votre serviteur sera de la fête lors des shows du bataclan et du trabendo... Car il n'y a déjà plus de places pour la boule noire.
Juste pour faire enrager tout le monde, je vous mets les pix de mes tickets... lalalalalallala ;-)

Certaines radios américaines affirment être en mesure de diffuser le premier single de ST-Anger dès ce week-end. Rien n'a toutefois été confirmé par le site off.

Juste un message pour vous dire que je vais voir les Mets au trabendo et au bataclan le 11 juin... Je vous l'avais déjà dit??? ah, ben pardon alors!

Vendredi 25 Avril 2003

Le Metclub a officiellement confirmé 4 dates de concerts dont les lieux sont encore tenus secrets les 18, 19, 21 et 22 mai à San Francisco. La foire d'empoigne a déjà commencé pour les clubmembers locaux ...


Mercredi 23 Avril 2003

Lars à propos des solos et autres "éléments superflus" :
"It didn't fit. We tried though, but it just didn't feel right. Not to disfavour Kirk or his capacities as a guitarist, but every solo we tried just weakenend the song. The songs on St. Anger are all about energy. The strength in the songs is in the strength in ourselves: four people working together on a common purpose: to put down a song as strong as possible. In these songs there is no room for ego's. The team is above all, individuals are not important. Same goes for James: his singing is 'less in the picture' than before. Don't expect 'ooh's' or 'yeah yeah's' . And also for me: no fancy stuff."


Mardi 22 Avril 2003

Metallica devrait jouer 3 concerts le 11 juin... C'est maintenant officiel (annoncé par le local chapter). Malheureusement, la grande majorité des places est déjà réservée à la presse. J'essaierai d'en capter pour moi et, si je peux, 1 ou 2 pour ceux qui sont ULTRA intéressés... Commencez à vous manifester!!!

BBC 6 Music
a mis sur son site une partie du show "Donnington 95". Ce concert avait été interprété lors du fameux mini-tour "Escape from the Studio", marquant une sorte de pause durant les sessions d'enregistrement de Load. Un autre de ces fameux concerts avait eu lieu à Astoria devant 800 fans!! (cf : Loud but Secret)

Avril Lavigne reprendra "Fuel" et Korn "One" au MTV Icon. Je sens qu'on va rire !!!!!!!!


Dimanche 20 Avril 2003

Les rumeurs vont bon train au pays de MetallicA. Certains s'accordent à dire que le premier single sera audible sur les ondes dès la semaine prochaine mais il semble toutefois que la date officielle soit arrêtée au 19 mai.

Fred Durst, le frontman de la formation "bousesque" Limpbizkit affirme que "de tout ce qu'il a entendu, ST - Anger est ce qui vaut le plus d'être attendu". Lars lui en est très reconnaissant et s'auto-congratule déjà que bizkit et linkin soit enthousiasmés de partager une scène avec les Bay Area Trashers...


Samedi 19 Avril 2003

MCM. NET a, pour une fois, inséré dans ses pages quelque chose d'intéressant :
"Il y a encore un an l'avenir de Metallica était incertain. Après le départ du bassiste Jason Newsted, les 3 autres membres du groupe ont pris du recul et se sont mis finalement au travail pour livrer un nouvel album. Bob Rock, leur producteur, s'est chargé des enregistrements de basses. St. Anger est arrivé chez Mercury UK le 14 avril dans sa version masterisée... 3 jours plus tard, les bureaux parisiens organisaient une écoute. 6 ans après Reload, Metallica revient avec un album au son garage et métallique. Tous les titres font plus de 5 minutes et il n'y a aucun solo de guitares, ce qui laisse à penser que soit ce n'est pas la version définitive, soit le groupe cherche à faire un pied de nez à l'industrie du disque. Pour info, sachez qu'à la sortie de l'album, Metallica donnera 3 concerts à Paris dans la même journée (Boule Noire, Trabendo, Bataclan) et ne reviendra en France qu'en février - mars 2004.
1. Frantic (5:46)
Un 1er titre rentre dedans à fond avec une grosse batterie qui claque. On découvre le son de St. Anger très garage et métallique, un son nouveau pour Metallica. James Hetfield y est rageur. "My life style is my death style". Le groupe cultive les changements de rythmes. On passe de moments heavy et rampants à des gros riffs "mitrailleuses" pour finir sur une conclusion apocalyptique. Grosse claque d'entrée.
2. St. Anger (7:19)
Ce titre débute sur un riff basique de Metallica, couvert ensuite par une batterie furieuse où Lars Ulrich place de bons passages de double pédale "à l'ancienne". Le couplet est plus aérien avec une batterie un poil alambiquée, suivi d'un refrain plus agressif avec la voix doublée de James Hetfield. La chanson contient plusieurs parties dont l'une s'apparente à une chevauchée fantastique... The Four Horsemen are back!
3. Some Kind of Monster (8:24)
Le morceau débute sur un gros riff heavy enchaîné avec un passage à la double pédale (décidément Lars Ulrich est un des meilleurs batteurs metal au monde). Cette chanson possède un break qui n'est pas sans rappeler Queens of the Stone Age. Le son est encore une fois énorme et James Hetfield y répète "Some kind of monster". Un peu trop long...
4. Dirty Window (5:23)
Un bon riff d'intro limite punk joué sur quelques notes qui se transforme, lorsque James Hetfield se met à chanter, en riff heavy. Sa voix est toujours au top et s'exprime dans différents registres. Ici, un passage aérien lui permet de placer quelques mélodies posées à la System of a Down avant de repartir de plus bel pour le refrain. Le groupe fait preuve de beaucoup de cohésion et les changements de rythmes sont totalement maîtrisés.
5. Invisible Kid (8:28)
En introduction, Metallica démarre à fond pour finalement casser le rythme et repartir sur un riff 100% Metallica. James Hetfield répète "Invisible kid never see what he did". Le morceau contient beaucoup de parties différentes dont des passages aériens qui rappellent Queens of the Stone Age sur lesquels James Hetfield laisse traîner sa voix. La double pédale est encore présente et le tout fini par une envolée vocale énorme. "Open your mind".
6. My World (6:30)
Sur ce titre, le groupe est très très énervé. Un gros riff, des accords plaqués très rapidement. "It's my world, sucker!" balance James Hetfield. Le morceau est tout en percussion avec des accélérations, des changements de rythmes, des passages à la double pédale. En guise de final, James Hetfield lance des hurlements. Excellent!
7. Shoot Me Again (7:09)
Après un démarrage coup de poing, le titre se fait plus mélodique dans le chant sur le couplet. Le groupe place pas mal de cassures de rythmes et livre un des morceaux les plus décousus de l'album. Sur le refrain, James Hetfield répète Shoot me again à la limite du néo metal. Nickelback qui se serait acheté des couilles..?
8. Sweet Amber (5:24)
Après un début assez doux, on se dit que Sweet Amber est le morceau lent de l'album mais un gros riff ultra rapide et une batterie infernale mettent fin à nos soupçons. Metallica n'a décidément pas fait un album commercial! Le couplet est plus calme mais ce n'est qu'un prétexte pour tout faire péter ensuite. Lars Ulrich se la donne!
9. Unamed Feeling (7:07)
Intro entre blues et heavy comme James Hetfield sait si bien les faire. Le morceau est le plus rampant de l'album. James Hetfield y fait une fois de plus admirer son chant plein de rage contenue qui finit toujours par exploser.
10. Purify (5:13)
Entrée en matière super lourde et concassée. S'en suit une grosse rythmique et une batterie percutante. Le chant est haché et débouche sur le mot "Purify" que répète James Hetfield comme un forcené. "You and I, Purify". Le morceau s'achève sur un passage plus lent et heavy. Que de changements de rythmes...
11. All Within My Hand (8:44)
Dernier morceau de l'album qui se distingue des autres par de longs passages mélodiques avec des choeurs. Il commence par un riff violent sur 3 accords qui cache diverses parties, heavy, aériennes. James Hetfield termine par "Kill, kill, kill" en hurlant. Un peu trop long sur la fin..."


Vendredi 18 Avril 2003

Lars Ulrich a récemment confié au magazine Allemand "Revolver" qu'il a, par le passé, eu de nombreux doutes quant à la capacité du groupe à se relever du départ de Jason et de la dépendance de Jaymz à l'alcool :
"To be honest with you, a year ago, I wasn't really sure what the future was," Lars said. "For the first time in my life, I couldn't really see where it was going. In the darkest days of James being off dealing with his stuff, I was starting to prep myself for the idea that maybe it had run its course. And to be able to sit here a year later, to have some music, to have a tour, to have a band again — it's pretty fuckin' awesome."
"The guys came and helped me out when I was in rehab," Hetfield recalled. "It was an extremely scary time, hitting bottom and wondering, 'Well, can I still be in a band? Can I see these guys again? Can I not get triggered on the road by stuff?' It was like, maybe METALLICA has to not be METALLICA for a little while. I have to be James Hetfield, not the singer of METALLICA. And going to rehab, that's all I'm thinkin' about — Oh my god! Everybody's gonna want an autograph! I just can't do it! — you know, minimizing how I needed to attack this. It was some scary stuff.
"There were absolutely no wasted days in the rehab days, that's for sure," he added. "I learned more there than I had in 30 years of living. I came out with a new set of instructions, a new way of dealing with anger, with fear, with control, insecurities — so many things.
"I was always so afraid of what was going on in my head," James laughed. "It was like, 'I don't want to know if I'm crazy or not! But of course, if you're thinking you're crazy, you're not, right? But I needed someone to tell me that, and I was afraid to ask."


Jeudi 17 Avril 2003

ST - Anger!!!!!Le nouveau logo ainsi que l'artwork de St-Anger ont été officiellement présentés sur Metallica .com. Le logo est assez "percutant" et n'est pas sans rappeler celui un peu crade que Metallica affichait un peu partout pendant la tournée de Justice.

MTV a posté une review de St-Anger. La voici rien que pour vous :
"On their upcoming St. Anger, Metallica have settled for living in the past — and odds are fans are going to be perfectly happy with that.
Gone are the radio ballads, straightforward rock anthems, string-laden exorcisms and alternative experiments that many fans felt bogged down the band's music in recent years. On St. Anger, the band resurrects the primal power, musical self-indulgence, whiplash-inducing tempos and red-eyed rage of their first three albums, 1983's Kill 'Em All, 1984's Ride the Lightning and 1986's Master of Puppets.
The band's last two studio LPs — Load (1996) and Reload (1997) — were written at a time when alternative and grunge were still prevalent, and both were laced with Southern boogie groove, country-rock textures, bluesy experimentation and melodic ballads, abandoning the trademark force that made Metallica the world's preeminent metal band.
Since then, the bandmembers haven't exactly been prolific. They've toured, released the B-sides and covers album Garage Inc. and a live double disc with the backing of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, S&M.
But there's been little new material, as Metallica spent more time in the courtroom than the studio, filing lawsuits against companies that infringed their trademark, including file-sharing service Napster, Victoria Secret, a tuxedo company and a wheel company. Metallica may have won their legal battles, but their vehemence made them appear greedy to some. Top that off with the January 2001 departure of bassist Jason Newsted and frontman James Hetfield's stint in rehab, and it looked like the masters of metal had slipped off the rails.
With St. Anger, Metallica have firmly re-established their footing and recaptured the heavy metal throne at a time when bone-crunching rock is becoming stagnant. All 11 songs onSt. Anger are brutal and uncompromising, featuring double-bass drumming and hardcore blast beats, roaring blowtorch guitars and multiple rhythm and tempo shifts. Most are at least seven minutes long; right when you think the guys are building up to a climax, they shift into a completely new rhythm. Not one track features a guitar solo, yet there's no lack of dizzying sonic firepower.
At the same time, Metallica incorporate numerous flowing melodies and engaging vocal harmonies between crushing grooves and chugging, staccato rhythms. "Shoot Me Again" blends Alice in Chains-style atmospherics with savage, percussive grind, and "Dirty Window" seesaws between another speedy firestorm rhythm and a textural, undistorted passage that sounds a little like Tom Waits.
Throughout the disc, Hetfield sounds consumed by fury and on the verge of insanity as he rails about the horror of denial, the pain of self-doubt and his need for control. Many of the lyrics seem to address his battles with the bottle and drugs. On the tornado-swirl opener, "Frantic," he screams, "My lifestyle determines my death style," and on "Sweet Amber," a track fueled by stop-start rhythms and sludgy guitars, he howls, "She deals in habits/ Deals in pain/ Run away, then I'm back again."
Bob Rock's production on St. Anger matches the album's desperate, intense vibe. The man who gave the group such a commercial sheen on their best selling disc, 1991's Metallica, keeps things dirty and raw. Not only does the disc capture the urgency of St. Anger's creation, it sometimes sounds like it was recorded during a colossal jam session in a garage. The drums have a tinny ring, the guitars a vicious echo and sometimes Hetfield's voice sounds a tad unpolished.
As Metallica were working on St. Anger, they clearly felt like they had something to prove. "I hurt inside/ I hide inside, but I'll show you," Hetfield sings on "Invisible." That conviction provided incentive to — as Hetfield so eloquently puts it on "All Within My Hands" — "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill."


Mardi 15 Avril 2003

Summer sanitarium Tour 2003 : Après Limp bizkit, Linkin Park et Mudvayne, c'est au tour d'un autre groupe pitoyable de rejoindre les rangs. J'ai nommé : Staind!!! (manquait plus que ça)...
Les Deftones seront quand à eux les seuls dignes d'intérêt. (Metallica mis à part, evidemment :-))


Lundi 14 Avril 2003

Le groupe a officiellement terminé le mastering de St-Anger, laissant l'album complet et prêt pour la production massive. Les Mets s'octroient donc maintenant un break de deux semaines (le dernier avant longtemps!!!) pour préparer le MTV Icon qui sera enregistré le 3 Mai.

Metallica sera à l'honneur
dans l'édition de Juin du magazine "Revolver". Un article fort intéressant et relatif aux évènement ayant entourés le groupe dans les années passées y figurera. En voici un court extrait :
" St. Anger - lourd, complexe et irrémédiablement brutal. L'album est clairement ce que le groupe nous a offert de plus "Metal" depuis "...And justice for all" en 1988. Riffs heavy et changements brutaux (...) émergent des haut parleurs dans une furie démoniaque. St-Anger est sans pitié. Lorsque vous pensez qu'une chanson arrive à sa fin, un autre riff monstrueux débarque et vous botte les fesses".


Samedi 12 Avril 2003

MTV a rapporté les propos suivants (relatifs à Rob et au nouvel opus) :
"The first time we played with Rob, [producer] Bob [Rock] was in the control room," drummer Lars Ulrich said. "And as I had a tendency to do when we had different guys come in, I'd sneak into the control room and go, 'Yeah? Well? How's it sound?' When Rob was playing, Bob looked at me and said, 'That's the best the band's ever sounded off the floor.' And I was like, 'OK, cool. It sounds like that out in the room, too.' "
"Rob brought a stability [to the group]," guitarist Kirk Hammett said. "Most of the other cats who came through the door were trying to keep up with the three of us, and Rob brought it to another level."
Trujillo, who officially joined the Metallica fold in February, will show off his next-level chops when the band kicks off the Summer Sanitarium tour July 4. Producer Rock handled the basslines on the band's new album, St. Anger, due June 10th.
Having previously faced criticism for cutting their hair shorter and writing more accessible songs, Metallica simply didn't worry about such things while recording St. Anger. Instead, the group just let loose with what came naturally. With the album's release less than two months away, the band hasn't even thought about what the single will be.
"When we were writing these songs, they were just coming out in a certain shape and form and we just let it flow," Hammett said. "Nothing was really manipulated so that it would get more airplay. ... It's much more of an album statement than a singles statement."
"The way this record was created, the process of this record, everything just sits in a different place, a very organic place," explained Ulrich. "Usually in the past, we have been guilty of knowing [the singles] or at least narrowing it down to this song or that song. But this time around, you figure it out. It just doesn't really seem like a singles type of album. It's more of a collection of energy."


Vendredi 11 Avril 2003

Selon les magasins HMV de Sydney, le premier single issu de St-Anger devrait être disponible le 19 Mai. On ne sait pas de quelle chanson il s'agira mais les rumeurs laissent sous-entendre que le single sera en deux parties (pour la plus grande joie des collectionneurs).

Il est d'ores et déjà possible de pré-commander St-Anger sur Amazon.

Le magazine allemand "MorganMagazin" a publié une nouvelle ITW de Jaymz :


Jeudi 10 Avril 2003

ST. ANGER devrait sortir le 9 juin dans toute l'europe. Les 11 titres annoncés et confirmés sont les suivants :
Frantic Cliff'em All
St. Anger
Some Kind of Monster
Dirty Window
Invisible Kid
My World
Shoot Me Again
Sweet Amber
Unnamed Feeling
All Within My Hands

Lars Ulrich a trouvé un peu de temps hier pour nous laisser un mot sur le JITS qui "refuse de mourir". Il y exprime avec enthousiasme l'idée que le 8ème opus studio des Horsemen sera sans doute "l'album le plus puissant jamais masterisé"

L'artwork (réalisé par Pushead???) semble être terminé et devrait être rendu public dans peu de temps!


Mercredi 09 Avril 2003

Les horsemen seront à New york aujourd'hui, demain et vendredi pour le mastering de l'album. Ils prendront ensuite deux semaines de repos avant d'enchaîner avec le MTV Icon, la sortie de "Anger" et la tournée... Enfin un peu d'action!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le site rock danois "Jubii Rock" a posté hier une petite review de St-Anger. Qu'il est frustrant d'avoir le sentiment que tout le monde l'a entendu sauf nous...
" You would think it was a lie, of the mean kind, but no. Metallica is on its way with their heaviest disc since Kill ‘em All was released twenty years ago. The album, St. Anger will be released June the 9th (European release date), but ”Jubii Rock” and ”HeavyJam.dk” have visited the band in their studio and listened to five songs, at the holiest mixing table, belonging to Bob Rock, who also plays bass on the album.
The album consists of eleven songs, but the five yours truly heard (in two rounds) is – according to Lars Ulrich – a clear indication of the style of the album. And that style is…hard. VERY solid and hard! But exposed to many breaks and tempo changes, which is a kind of Master of Puppets exposed to a plutonium leak! No doubt that this development will surprise, even shock many older and newer fans. It is simply madly aggressive and heavy, this new shit, but at the same time some of the most differentiated, this band has performed. However, it should be stressed that James Hetfield vocally has not returned to the Kill ’em all screaming, but has developed himself further from the Load/Reload and Garage Inc/S&M eras. Remarkable is that the lyrics this time has been made by the other members of the band. We have an upcoming briefing from the studio and, particually how the five songs sound in the first edition of Heavyjam.dk, as any metallica fan with a blood alcohol level at 0,0666, should sign up to"


Mardi 08 Avril 2003
James Hetfield au "Metal Edge magazine" :
"St. Anger":
"Il y a là dedans énormément de passion. Un condensé de 2 ans d'émotions. Nous avons tous dû surmonter de nombreux obstacles, des changements. C'est si profond, tant au niveau des paroles que musicalement qu'il est difficile d'en parler. Vous devriez vraiment l'écouter. Certaines parties sonnent comme "kill'em all", d'autres comme "Justice" (...)
Summer Sanitarium 2003 tour:
"Nous voulions remplir des stades mais nous ne pouvions pas le faire seuls. Limpbizkit & Linkin Park sont deux grosses formations qui nous aident à y parvenir. Il n'y a aucune autre pensée derrière ça. (..) Leur musique est intense, elle fait bouger les gens. Je n'ai pas à être fan de tous les groupes qui partagent notre affiche (...)"

Un article de la version espagnole de Kerrang (la traduction anglaise laisse à désirer mais on comprend l'essentiel)
"St Anger" is gonna be on sale world wide on june 9th. This will be the return of the four horsemen big, the guys received the press from around the world in the headquarters. This website had access to the new and powerful material that would give credibility back to a band who had it weakened for the past years. this was a result for all the inner problems. first of all was jason, claiming personal issues, even though Lars told us it was overall because his frictions with hetfield. Now, we have Robert trjullo(Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy) as the new bass player, and even though he hadn´t recorded because of the time "bob rock has recorded absolutely all the bass parts on the album, every single lick" Told us lars "James did some bass parts too, but they won´t be on thehis album". this is because the band have been able to choose between 25 differents compositions to make of"St Anger" a complete album. Even the title is involved "in some way the word "anger" encloses all the energy there´s in the music"
And the truth is that he ain´t lying. After hearing songs like "all within my hands", "monster", or the title track "st Anger" one can really enjoy the faster, violent and agressive tracks that encumbered Metallica to the top. Done are the times when the danish drummer used to not drum like he did in "One". "i Had the double bass a little dead, only limited to the older stuff, so i had to get it out of the closet, and clean it a little bit (laughs), and play stuff again with it".
The security for the listening of St Anger was exceptional. No one could get in with bags, cameras, or recorders. their not yet forgotten issues with the net are still there even though they don´t take sleep out of the drummer. "the problem we had with naspter and with internet was that someone took the decision to give out our music, but it wasn´t us. it´s my music and i decide what i do with it. if i want to give it out i´ll do but i want it to be my will, not no one else´s. maybe a lot of people misunderstood that part.


Lundi 07 Avril 2003

Metallica a reservé 3 salles parisiennes pour le 11 Juin : Le Bataclan, La Boule Noire et le Trabendo. Rien n'est encore certain mais on piaffe déjà d'impatience et d'enthousiasme!!!

Metallica a enregistré vendredi 4 Avril les 5 derniers titres de St- Anger qui figureront sur le DVD bonus. Pour l'occasion, Les Mets avaient placé une webcam qui permettait de voir quelques images de ce petit évènement. Le JITS va donc mourir dans peu de temps et nous laisser seuls jusqu'à la date fatidique du 10 Juin!!!
Voici donc quelques unes de ces photos, saisies par votre serviteur qui s'était levé aux aurores. (8h15 un samedi, c'est tôt!)


Vendredi 04 Avril 2003

Le JITS a posté une nouvelle vidéo de Lars, interviewé par le magazine Rolling Stone. Il y précise que l'album fera aux alentours de 75 mn et qu'il s'agit, aux dires de ceux qui ont eu le suprême honneur de l'entendre, d'un véritable suicide commercial.
Notez qu'aujourd'hui est le dernier jour d'existence du JITS et qu'il y aura sans doute des surprises...

Je suis au regret de vous annoncer que les groupes signés pour "rendre hommage" aux Horsemen lors du MTV Icon du mois de mai sont Avril Lavigne, Limp Bizkit, Sum 41... et sans doute Korn. On est déjà moins pressés d'y être. (Pourquoi pas Anthrax, Slayer, Pantera???).

Pour ceux qui ne maîtrisent que modérément la langue de Shakespeare, voici une traduction écourtée et très librement adaptée de l'article de Martin Carlsson dont je vous parlais les 31 Mars et 03 Avril 2003. J'ai coupé les longueurs mais je me suis appliqué à garder l'esprit original du texte bien qu'il ne s'agisse pas là d'une traduction dite "littérale". Bonne lecture!!!!!!


Jeudi 03 Avril 2003

Martin Carlsson, l'auteur du somptueux article dédié aux 5 morceaux de St-Anger qu'il a eu l'honneur d'entendre avant tout le monde, a apporté quelques rectifications très drôles :
"Okay, so my report on www.closeupmagazine.net made some serious headways on this and many other boards. I just want to clarify a few things. First off, there are different translations (none done by me) of the original Swedish report and none of them are 100 % accurate. I didn't swear on my mother's grave (she's still alive, thank you very much) but on my grandmother's. The sound on Lars's snare drums does NOT sound like he's hitting on an oil rigg (as one translation statet) but on an oil barrell. Just a couple of examples. As regards to the lack of guitar solos - there ARE solos, they just don't sound the way you'd perhaps expect. Metallica have clearly reinvented themselves on this album, that's obvious from hearing these 5 songs. Anyone who claims they have downloaded this material is full of BS. Journalists were kept to a minimum in the control room for the listening session (i.e - photographers and camera men were not allowed to join us because of the small size of the room) and we were only allowed to bring a pen and note pad and wear nothing but pants and a shirt (no jackets etc). Additionally, the snippets that have leaked out in the past, real or not, will not appear on "St. Anger" since the album consists of songs written from September last year and onwards plus a few totally reworked ideas. I'm in the process of putting together a super extensive report on Metallica which will appear in the June issue of Close-Up in Sweden (street date June 10th). With the exception of So What, it'll most likely the most most extensive story of the band in aeons."

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